Our Team

Here you can read about the different members of the Nordenfelt Lab

Pontus Nordenfelt

Associate Professor

“I believe in finding a scientific question that truly intrigues me, and then push whatever technology is needed to address the question adequately.” 

Member of Sweden’s Young Academy www.sverigesungaakademi.se

Martin Sundwall

Lab manager

M.Sc. Molecular Biology

Projects: integrin biosensors, complement-mediated phagocytosis, bacterial adhesion, antibody generation and characterization

“My primary task in the Nordenfelt lab is to make sure that our everyday work runs smoothly. My area of research includes molecular biology, where the focus lies on cloning and genomic editing of bacteria and eukaryotic cells.  I´m a part time PhD student where my projects focuses in the adherence properties  of Streptococcus pyogenes and my current main focus is on antibody discovery, production and characterization

Wael Bahnan

Senior scientist

M.Sc Molecular Biology, Ph.D. Immunology

Projects: Antibody discovery against Sars-CoV-2 proteins, Antibody mediated Immune functions in COVID19

“I am generally interested in infectious diseases and immune control. I have developed my interest in discovering antibodies against infectious agents through focusing on bacterial, then viral proteins. My work has highlighted interesting phenomena in the realm of antibodies, phagocytosis and infection control. Outside-the-lab I enjoy hiking, camping and martial arts. “

Therese de Neergaard

PhD Student


Projects: method to quantify phagocytosis, immune response during invasive group A streptococcal infection

“In my research, I am focusing on quantifying different host-pathogen interactions using phagocytosis as an interaction model. I love to gain new knowledge and to expand my horizon and as a PhD-student my aim is to learn the principles of research, both clinical and pre-clinical.”

Vibha Kumra Ahnlide

PhD Student

M. Sc. Physics, M.D.

Projects: antibody binding model, super-resolution microscopy, high resolution image quantification

“I believe interdisciplinary research is capable of driving innovation and developing solutions to complex issues. As a  Ph.D. student at Nordenfelt lab, I hope to contribute to the knowledge of the field by combining my experience as a physicist and medical student. My main biological focus is the function of antibodies in bacterial infections.”

Oscar André

PhD Student

M.Sc. Biomedicine

Projects: systems microscopy of host-pathogen interactions, image analysis

“In my work, I primarily develop new imaging strategies and analysis pipelines for data-driven microscopy. Currently studying single-cell interactions between bacterial pathogens and host cells, as well as cancer cell migration on 2D surfaces.”

Sebastian Wrighton

PhD Student


Projects: IgA, host-pathogen interactions

”My current research focuses on host-pathogen interactions between the human humoral immune response and the bacterial pathogen group A streptococcus. Other projects deal with studying antibody class switching and phagocytosis.”

Johannes Kumra Ahnlide

PhD Student

M. Sc. Eng

Projects: Population-wide single-cell image analysis for prediction of cell behavior, Software development for analysis of high dimensional data

“My research revolves around predicting how properties of cells and cell populations evolve over time as well as developing software to extract these properties from e.g. microscopy images. I’m passionate about programming languages and approaches to abstraction in software. I use Julia, Elixir and Elm for developing open source as well as internal software.”

Arman Izadi

PhD Student

M.D. student

Projects: r ole of IgG subclasses in mediating immune functions against S.pyogenes, role of IgG3 and the influence of constant domains in anti-Sars-CoV-2 antibodies

“I´´ an interested in how complex interactions on protein-level leads to homeostasis but also diseases which I see in the hospital. Currently my research focuses on antibodies- a field which Will dominate future medicine. As a future MD I strongly believe in cross-profession collaboration between preclinical and clinical researchers to advance the field to higher boundaries. My aspiration is to be a link in that important collaboration as a clinical MD but with a PhD in antibody research.”

Berit Olofsson

Research engineer

M.Sc. Biotechnology, Ph.D. Biomedicine

Projects: epIgG

“EpIgG is a collaboration between five research groups with the aim of studying the involvement of immunoglobulins in infectious diseases. My position is shared between these five groups. In the Nordenfelt lab I am responsible for the production, purification and characterization of immunoglobulins with the help of adherent as well as suspension cells. The antibodies are then used in functional assays, physiological models and other downstream applications within epIgG .”

Anita Berglund


Economy and administration

Works with administration and ongoing financial work, project accounting, budget and financial statements. Responsible for several different research groups within the division.”

Arsema Hailu

Research engineer

M.Sc. Biomedicine

Projects: host-pathogen interactions, bacterial invasion of human cells, molecular basis for phagocytosis, live-imaging

”Interested in how host-pathogen interactions affect actin morphology and phagocytosis mediating molecules through live imaging.”