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2022-01-14 – New article published by Bahnan et al.

    In this paper, we use single-cell B cell sequencing technology to identify COVID19 Spike-reactive antibodies. The antibodies, retrieved from convalescent donors were generated and characterised in several biochemical and immunological aspects. We made two major discoveries in this paper:

    First, we discovered that the dosage of antibodies which are set to interact with Spike is a deciding factor in antibody-mediated phagocytosis. We saw that too high or low concentrations of antibodies were detrimental to Spike-bead phagocytosis by monocytic cells. 

    Second, we discovered that non-neutralizing antibodies are also capable of protecting hosts from lethal Sars-CoV-2 infection. We discovered this by comparing two antibodies (one neutralizing and the other not) in their ability to treat humanized Ace2 mice after they were infected with the virus.

    The findings in this paper are exciting and important as they shed light on the importance of dosage in treating viral infections with antibodies. They also show that non-neutralizing antibodies can mediate immune function which are powerful enough to offer protection from infection.

    To read the full article please visit Frontier in Immunology by clicking here.